Important Updates

The summer 2024 vacations will look different for us here at Hiawatha Beach Resort.  On the morning of October 6th, 2023 the main lodge caught fire over the pool area, taking down the entire lodge. There was such an outpouring of support that came from near and far. That day there were five different fire departments that worked tirelessly to put the fire out. There was support from many local businesses that helped by delivering meals and drinks for all those at the site. People began to reach out right away. Many of you know Nick (one of our dock boys), he lost everything in the fire as he was living there while teaching at the Walker school this year. Thankfully he made it out safely. Many people in the community helped gather clothing and other essentials for Nick. 

We know many of you have many memories at the lodge. Whether it be having a meal together, playing games, drinking a milkshake, splashing in the pool or enjoying a movie with friends and family. We recognize that you all are wondering what your family vacation will look like next year. This is what we know now and we will update everyone as we know more. Firstly, we would like to let everyone know that we are going to rebuild the main lodge here at Hiawatha Beach Resort. The construction is scheduled to begin in January with Hy-Tec Construction. Secondly, we plan on adding amenities to be able to offer more to do outside if we don’t have the lodge completed. Thirdly, the plan is to get the Registration area, Bait room, Restaurant/Bar, Pool/Hot Tub and new Theater Room completed as soon as possible. Lastly, over near the Harbor House there will be a new 7 bedroom 7.5 bathroom cabin built to accommodate more guests.

Here at Hiawatha Beach Resort we will continue to work hard to make sure each guest has the very best experience. Our prayer is that you will all come alongside us during this difficult time as we rebuild something that all your families can enjoy for years to come. Our Hiawatha guests are truly the best; many of you have reached out to us and we so appreciate each and every one of you. 

One of the fun things that you can still look forward to will be the treasure hunt. Other guest favorites were the kids fishing trip, sign painting, rocket building and launch, bingo, the weiner roast, and the Beach Party BBQ! This coming season guests will be able to look forward to karaoke, new beach equipment and more water toys! We always look forward to helping our guests make lifelong memories!

With the addition of the new fishing boats, our boat rentals are definitely in high demand! The variety of boats was a hit this summer and the weather was absolutely beautiful for spending time on the lake. Please give us a call if you are interested in adding a boat to your reservation. Whenever you rent for a week you only pay for five days and the sixth and seventh days are FREE!


Phase 1 Construction completion for the Pool, Splash Pad & Spa is set for July, 1st, 2024.