My wife and I had

My wife and I had a very enjoyable stay at the Hiawatha Beach Resort from September 12 – 15, 2023. While I wish I could share photos of the trophy fish we caught, what we can share is the remarkable kindness and hospitality we received from A.J., Ben and the rest of the staff. Every request we made was fulfilled with cheerful willingness beyond our expectations. It started on the day I made our reservation. We had one cabin in mind and A.J. was quick to suggest an alternative cabin that ideally suited our needs. Our cabin faced a well-maintained field of green serving as a foreground for a beautiful view of Leech Lake. With mosquito season behind us, we had cool crisp mornings compared to our Kansas City area home and daytime temperatures that allowed for comfortable clothing until the setting sun signaled a light jacket. More than anything, I was able to indulge myself with as much peace and quiet as I desired. The was no moon, so the stargazing was excellent at night. Best of all, when it was quiet, it was dead quiet and when it was dark, there was just enough light on the grounds to keep your bearings, but otherwise the area wasn’t affected by light pollution. If you need a dose of peace and tranquility, it’s there to be had. If you seek joyous fun and amenities, you’ll find those also. And we did catch plenty of fish and particularly enjoyed the dock fishing at the Marina. Many thanks to our friends at HWB!

Phil Niederbremer

Another fishing story! We visited

Another fishing story! We visited HBR last year for the first time. It was great to return this year to the same very clean, caring staff and well run resort. Our 19 y.o. son who has Autism and other disabilities finally asked to fish yesterday while we were out boating. He usually sits and reads and sometimes swims. We always encouraged fishing but learn to accept his kind “no”. We didn’t get him a fishing license but we thought it would be worth the trouble if we got caught. Our “lefty” son learned the steps necessary to cast his moms “righty” reel and did it quite well. In no time, he was reeling in perch, crappie and sunfish and didn’t want the day to end. We don’t get too many smiles from our sweet Lou but the grins and inward Joy was priceless. The environment here is one of the most peaceful and the family time witnessed around the docks is so genuine. I can’t help but think that it fostered Louis wanting to fish. We live in a lake community so we are hoping that the seed that was planted at HBR will grow!

Quintin Wilson

We held our daughter’s wedding

We held our daughter’s wedding at the Hiawatha resort and were thrilled with the whole experience! AJ and Vanessa were great to work with! Their attention to detail made the night seamless! The food was delicious and the staff very friendly and efficient! We stayed at the campground and were very happy with our sight while many of the guests stayed in the cabins. We have booked it for our other daughter’s wedding in the Spring, can’t wait!

Karen Poirot

Hiawatha Beach Resort has been

Hiawatha Beach Resort has been our family’s vacation destination for over 60 years!

All cabins have a beautiful view of the lake. There are accommodations for all ages and is very family-oriented ????????

Looking forward to coming again next year and for many more years to come!

Mary Chrz Ernst

I grew up in Walker

I grew up in Walker and visit here at least twice during the summer. We love camping in our RV at Hiawatha Beach. AJ and the rest of the staff are helpful and friendly. The grand kids look forward to this camping trip every year and have so much fun it truly does feel like a vacation . I recommend Hiawatha Beach to all you grandparents to take them here for a great time!!!

Jerry Hemstad

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